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How to Choose Bamboo Fly Rod


Saltwater Fishing Tips

People who enjoy saltwater fishing trips can benefit greatly from using tried and true proven tips from people who are seasoned in the sport. From the novice to the individual who has spent years salt water fishing, there are tips online that can assist with making their fishing trip results much better. However there is one place – Dead Sea, where the water is so salty that no fish can live there.

One of the first tips that most seasoned salt water fisherman normally recommend is talking to the people who live in the area. These are the people who can assist with providing a diversity of useful information. For instance, they can brief the person on what types of fish that they can expect to catch, what kind of bait should be used, and what spots that will render the best results. All of which are important to those who want to get the ultimate experience from their fishing trip. In some cases, the individual may not have a specific person to contact so they may want to talk around with people in nearby restaurants, stores as well as other areas in the vicinity.

Ice Fishing Today

There aren’t too many things more invigorating than spending a cold winter’s day on the ice. People have been ice fishing since fishing was discovered and it continues to be a time honored tradition. Ice fishing involves drilling a hole in the ice and dropping your fishing line in the hole and then hoping a hungry fish comes along. In the last 20 years, the sport of ice fishing has had some major advancements.
ice fishing
In the days of old, ice fishing meant drilling a hole with a hand drill or auger. Also, you were probably going to be stuck out on the ice without any shelter. These days there are gas and electric augers that drill your holes with little to no effort and save you precious fishing time. There are also a wide arrange of ice fishing shelters to choose from. There are simple designs with little to no amenities or very elaborate ones that offer heat and electricity.

It’s a brand new day for ice fishing and with many products geared towards comfort, there is no reason everyone shouldn’t give it a shot.

Ice Fishing Gear

Taking the right ice fishing gear is essential to the success of the trip. Without the proper and basic gear, people cannot fish at all. Therefore, the novice ice fisherman will need to know exactly what should be taken and why. Typically, there are several key pieces that must be purchased and carried to the fishing hole. All of which are designed for specific functions. For instance, one of the most basic items is the fishing pole since it is the tool that will help with catching the fish. Other essential pieces of equipment are the hooks and lines and a tool that will help with breaking through the ice.

A tool that helps with breaking thru the ice should be researched thoroughly in advance since it may involve cutting through ice that is several inches thick. For instance, most professional ice fishers normally recommend carry equipment that is light, especially when walking long and lengthy trails to get to the area where the group will be fishing.

How to make fishing lures

A fishing lure is a popular type of device that acts as an artificial form of bait, and can be used over and over again, thanks to it’s waterproof design and resistance to external conditions. The fishing lure usually consists of an object that resembles a piece of bait, and a well formed spike at the end which will impale itself into the fish when the fish tries to eat the bait.

Fishing lures can be made relatively easily and can last a long time if prepared correctly. One will need a small metal object, such as a paper clip, with which will be used to form the main part of the lure. One must then attach the hook (which can be bought in a fishing shop or any general store) to one end of the paper clip, before attaching a covering to the paper clip. Some heavy-duty electrical tape will do the trick. Make sure this is wrapped around enough, so that it does not become undone in the water. One can also decorate the fishing lure, to make it stand out. Then to the other side of the lure, attach the line that will be used to draw in the fishing lure. This is a simple and cost effective way of creating a fishing lure.

Colorful ways to catch your fish

There are several different ways to catch fish, and most of the more sporting ways include a rod, reel, line and let’s not forget the fishing lure. These lures are different for each type of fish you might want to catch and they are also different for the type of fishing you want to do.

Fly fishing for examples requires a light weight lure that can be flicked at the end of the line. Thus it resembles a fly from which the sport gets its name.

Ice fishing lures are different in the aspect that they have to be able to withstand the temperature that can get quite cold above the ice but warm below. They need to stand out, as everything under the ice may look one color or bleak. The more colorful the lure the more it will stand out to the type of fish you are looking to catch. So if you are looking to catch a walleye, perch, crappie, bluegill or one of many other types of fish found under the ice, be sure and get the ice fishing lures that will be colorful enough to catch the attention of the fish.

How to Choose Bamboo Fly Rod


If you are looking for a bamboo fly rod, it is worth noting that there are a lot of different choices available. This might seem to be a good thing but it only makes your decision harder. These are essential tips on how to choose bamboo fly rod.
You need to narrow down your choices by first deciding how you are going to use The rod, where, how and The type of fish you will be catching. This way, you will know exactly how The rod should perform. If you need some help in deciding these things, you should consider getting in touch with a rod maker. They should be more than willing to respond to your questions and help you decide on what you want in a rod.

Make sure you cast as many bamboo fly rods as you can. Attend sporting shows and ask if you can wriggle a few rods. Conduct your own research online and ask other people  what their take is on bamboo fly rod. The more input you get, the better. You should take into account that bamboo is a natural material and no two rods are ever going to be exactly same.

How to Care for Graphite Fishing Rod

A graphite fishing rod is a good alternative to composite or fiberglass rods. They are very tough and can give you the right fishing power that you need to land your next big catch. These rods are also lighter and you should expect to go home less tired even after fishing the entire day. Below are tips on how to care for graphite fishing rods.

Make sure you clean your rod after a fishing trip and dry it as soon as you can. The combination of heat and high humidity can damage your rod. You should never store your rod in a moist tube or bag. Be sure to wipe it occasionally with good auto paste wax grime.



When you are out on your boat fishing, you should not leave the rod lying around where it can be steeped or have other items such as anchors dropped on them. When fishing from the bank, lean the rod on your tackle box or any other support if you have to put it down.

It is not advisable to set the hook or set it in a place where overhead obstructions such as tree limbs can get in touch with the rod blank. When you bang the rod against other objects, it is going to bruise it and the end result with be breakage of the rod. Most rods which break when the angler is fighting the fish were earlier damaged and broke as a result of the strain during the fight.